About Me

I'm an engineer. At heart, always an engineer. I'm curious about everything, and will happily dig in to how somehting works. Be it engineering with a lathe, a 60-ton brake-press, and welder, or with a soldering iron and a handful of magical electronic components, or writing a game engine, or contributing to open-source projects.

What I really like to do is write programs. Code opens up a unique world of opportunity to create magic.

I developed a taste for programming over a decade ago, but due to the nature of life I never got a chance to dive in as I would have liked to. Fast forward to now and things are very different, I've seen tech change from the lowly Intel 386 cpu, to todays world of dual, quad, and even hexacore cpu. And I'm also now a student studying what I always wanted to study; computer science at Massey University.

At this stage, I'm not a great computer scientist since I lack the hard mathematical background, but that is coming in slow bursts of understanding.

I'm also mad about the excellent Rust programming language, and am busy learning it as fast as I can; this isn't the easiest thing to do and requires that you understand computers at a much lower level than many people are accustomed to.

A Short Work History

And I do mean short history; I spent a decade working as an engineer specialising in heavy structural fabrication. Basically labour work in welding and fabrication, with a dose of machining. Often I'd be given a spec of some sort, and would have to design and then fabricate the complete structure.

I now work at Sphere Identity where I've focused largely on learning encryption and the many complexities behind, along with designing a protocol to be used for sharing encrypted data. Written in Rust of course ;)

More to come.


Dedicated Linux user and abuser. I've been using Linux since my teenaged years where I first ran Slackware on an AMD K6/500mhz; it's been a heck of a ride.

Gaming? Not so much these days. Though I am rather enjoying the craft of making games. At a pinch I'll always pull up some classic Doom, or Quake for instant stress relief.

Arcade machines. I ran GarageArcades for a little while as a hobby. This was a small business of sorts where I built custom arcade machines for people. It was a very enjoyable experience to see people amazed at the quality I produced.

Where I'm Going

Upwards! My first and primary goal is to finish study. My secondary goal is to specialise in systems level programming as this is what I find most interesting of all. My third goal is to make a complete game (in Rust no less) and market it :D.

But, overriding that last goal, is finding long-term stable employment

Don't forget to check out my CV